Bekindtomymind is a Bolton campaign to help reduce the stigma around mental health. Our local message to children and young people who are struggling with their mental health is that "it's ok to talk!"

A-Z Mental Health

If you are struggling with your feelings or want to understand more about mental health conditions this page is for you! Use the information below to find out more about different mental health conditions or circumstances that may impact on your mental health; how to cope with your feelings and what support is available to you.

Who can you speak to...

Across Bolton there are lots of services that can help support you, your friends’ and your families’ mental health and emotional wellbeing. Take a look at our directory to find out what is available.

Brain on phone

Reasons to talk

Mental health problems are more common than you may think and they are nothing to be ashamed of. Find out more about common mental health problems here.

Young Ambassadors

Take a look at our campaign video below where we share some of our experiences of mental health difficulties. This page also tells you how you can get involved with our anti-stigma campaign.

Urgent Help

Urgent help

Find out what you can do if you need urgent mental health support in Bolton.

For parents

A dedicated section for parents and carers containing a range of advice, guidance and resources for you to support your child with their feelings and behaviour, as well as mental health conditions and life events.

For professionals

A central point of information where anyone working with children and young people in Bolton can access up to date resources around mental health and emotional wellbeing.