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Across Bolton there are lots of services that can help support you, your friends’ and your families’ mental health and emotional wellbeing. Take a look at our directory to find out what is available

24 / 7 Mental Health Crisis Line

If you feel you need urgent mental health support you can contact the 24.7 mental health crisis line on 0800 953 0285. This is available to anyone of any age that lives in Bolton.

Action for Children

Action for Children offer decider skills group work to help you and your family recognise your thoughts and feelings provide support to help monitor and manage your emotions. The service is available to children aged 8 – 11 that live in Bolton.


Beat provide a helpline, one to one webchat and online resources for anyone affected by an eating disorder.  The helpline and one to one webchat are available 9am–midnight during the week, and 4pm–midnight on weekends and bank holidays. Outside of these hours you can send an email.


Being Gay is OK (BGIOK) provides information and advice for gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning young people under 25. The helpline is available Tuesdays and Sundays between 7:30pm to 10pm.

Bolton 360°

Bolton 360° provide support and interventions to you and your family if you are affected by substance misuse. The service is for young people 11 – 19 (or up to 25 if you have SEND) and includes 1:1 support, group work and specialist help for you if you are using substance.

Bolton Bereavement Support for Children and Young People

Bolton Lads and Girls Club provide a single point of contact for children and young people aged 8 to 18 who have experienced a bereavement. The service can provide you with signposting and advice around bereavement with 1-1 sessions also available if you need more support.

Bolton CAMHS

Bolton Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service provides assessment and treatment in a range of services to help support you overcome problems with your mental health. Currently a professional will need to refer you to CAMHS so please speak to your GP, Teacher School Nurse or Social Worker.


Bolton Information and Advisory Service for SEND

Bolton Information and Advisory Service offer advice and information to children and young people with SEND that are having difficulties at school or college.  A helpline is also available where you can text, email or call for a confidential chat about the problems you are facing.  Drop in sessions are also available to talk face to face about things that are worrying you. Contact anytime, all year round, by texting 07467943495 or emailing iasoutofhours@outlook.com

Bolton Lads and Girls Club

Bolton Lads and Girls Club provide a range of different services for young people 8 – 21 that will help with your mental health. There are targeted youth services which include mentoring, group and one to one support to help with stress, anxiety, self-image and healthy relationships.


Bolton Toy Library

Bolton Toy Library can guide parents to find the right support.  They provide drop in advice sessions, one to one support, themed activity sessions and offer the distribution of emotional wellbeing kits for parents and babies.

Bolton Wanderers Community Trust

Bolton Wanderers in the Community provide one to one mentoring for children aged 8 – 11 who can also attend other activities with you if you need support.

Bolton YMCA

Bolton YMCA provide mental health information, advice, guidance and signposting to young people aged 13 and over. Group sessions and one to one listening services are available to help talk through the difficulties you are experiencing and how to address them.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers North West offers a One to One listening service for young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities by exploring emotions and identifying and explaining coping mechanisms.

Carers Support

Carers Support can support you if you are local and over the age of 18 who look after a family member, relative or friend who needs support due to illness, disability or age.

Chat Health

Chat Health is a confidential texting service for anyone aged between 11 and 19 (or up to 25 if you have SEND) who lives or goes to school in Bolton.

You can text a Bolton nurse anonymously for support on a range of topics including mental health, bullying, smoking, drugs, sexual health, relationships and much more!

Chat Health is available between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 12pm – 4pm Saturday and Sunday.

To use Chat Health simply text your message to 07507331753 and you will get a reply within 24 hours – usually before!


Childline offers a free, private and confidential service for anyone under 19 where you can talk about anything that is troubling you. You can ring the Childline number at any time or day to speak to a counsellor or you can also access the 1-2-1 chat.

Cruse Bereavement

Cruse provides support on how to cope with the loss of a loved one, and feel less alone.

Don’t Be A Zombie

The Don’t Be a Zombie campaign provide an online platforms to engage and educate young people about the effects of drugs and alcohol

Early Break

Early Break can support you up until the age of 21 with one to one support and advice around drugs and alcohol.


If you are struggling with your mental health through the effects of domestic abuse, difficult relationships and social isolation, Fortalice can provide lots of activities, support and counselling to you and your family. The service also has a 24 hour support line on 01204 365677 and access to a live chat Monday to Friday 12:30 – 2:30pm

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