Help with Depression

Your child may be feeling depressed if their sadness and low mood has persisted for a period of time making day to day life difficult and overwhelming.

Depression is a very common mental health difficulty with around 1 in 10 young people experiencing feelings of depression, stress or anxiety by the time they reach 18. As a parent or carer, this can be incredibly difficult and we hope the below information helps you better understand the signs of depression and learn some tips on how you can support your child.


Signs of depression will vary from child to child however some of the common signs of depression include:

  • sadness, or a low mood that does not go away
  • being irritable or grumpy all the time
  • not being interested in things they used to enjoy
  • feeling tired and exhausted a lot of the time


If you think your child may be depressed, it’s important to talk to them. Try to find out what’s troubling them and how they’re feeling. Whatever is causing the problem, take it seriously – what may not seem like a big deal to you could be a major problem for your child.


If your child does not want to talk to you, let them know that you’re concerned about them and that you’re there if they need you. You could suggest they access Kooth which is an online mental health counselling service available to anyone in Bolton aged 10 – 25 years. It is free and anonymous via

Many children and young people will need professional and specialist help to feel better if they are experiencing depression. Your child’s GP will be able to suggest ways to help and/or refer them onto other services such as I-Thrive or Bolton CAMHS.

Remember to look after yourself too! Bolton parents and carers can access free online mental health counselling via or can join one of the parent/carer peer support programmes by filling in a short form


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