Help with Helping Your Child with Suicidal Thoughts

It can be a very distressing time if you know or are concerned that your child is experiencing suicidal thoughts. Lots of children and young people will have thoughts about suicide at some point and whilst this doesn’t mean they are necessarily going to attempt suicide, it does mean they need some help and support.

Talking to your child about suicidal thoughts can feel really scary, and you may be worried making the situation worse by saying the wrong thing, however, finding out how your child is feeling and giving them a chance to talk to you can help.

If you’re concerned, ask your child directly whether they are thinking about suicide, using the word ‘suicide’ yourself. This lets them know that it’s okay to talk about it, that you want them to tell you, and that you are someone they can talk to.

Bolton advice leaflet for parents and carers following a child’s self-harming behaviour

Articles & Guides

Suicidal thoughts – A guide for parents

Young Minds have developed an online guide to support parents whose child may be struggling with suicidal feelings. The guide includes ways you can help them and where you can go for support.

Worried About Someone?

Papyrus have a range of online advice if you are worried about supporting a young person with suicidal thoughts

Supporting Someone with Suicidal Thoughts

Samaritans provide helpful advice on how to support someone with suicidal thoughts including how to offer support and create a safety plan

How to help someone who is feeling suicidal

Shining a light on Suicide is a Greater Manchester Campaign focused on reducing suicides and the stigma that surrounds it. They provide advice on how to help someone who is feeling suicidal and access to free online training

My child is having suicidal thoughts

Action for Children have provided an online guide focusing on what you can do to help if your child is having suicidal thoughts and you want to keep them safe


How Can You Tell if a Young Person is Having with Thoughts of Suicide?

A video from Papyrus about how to pick up on signs that your child may be experiencing thoughts of suicide

Sinking Feeling

Papyrus launched an animation on World Suicide Prevention Day 2021 to explore themes of loneliness, isolation and the importance of peer support.


Papyrus have provides a range of conversation starters if you are worried about someone but finding it difficulty and scary to talk about suicide.

Papyrus have created a guide for parents and carers which aims to provide information and guidance to help them cope if their child is struggling with thoughts of suicide

An overview of the mental health support available to all children and young people in Greater Manchester including the free 24.7 mental health crisis line for anyone living in Bolton.

A Bolton specific leaflet for parents and carers who require support following their child displaying self-harming behaviour